Cliche Hair Care

Cliche Hair Care is a high quality Salon Formula range designed to deliver awesome results with a no fuss approach.

Cliche is designed to overcome the damaging Australian climate and styling tools to give you beautiful, manageable hair and a healthy scalp. With our unique blend of 7 herbal extracts combined with UV inhibitors and Vitamin B5, Cliche repairs and improves hair quality.

What our customer say

The leave-in conditioner makes my hair look like something out of a beauty advertisement! I love how good it smells and that it doesn’t feel heavy in my hair


The last thing I want to think about during the day is my hair. I can run the styling gum through it before I have to head out the door to work and it keeps my hair in place all day


My hair is as flat as a tack, so the salt spray is my saving grace! It comes in handy for those girl’s nights out!


I hate the humidity because it equals frizz. But a little argan oil a day keeps the hair ties away; it smells divine, too!